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Aggressively serving those who are in need of strong leadership and representation.

Successfully representing the injured for over thirty years. We are a South Florida Law Firm specializing in negligence cases, Defense Base Act injuries and Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation injuries. Injuries can force a serious change in your life. Please feel free to review some of the key aspects of bringing a case that are located on this website. Defense Contractors and Military Contractors injured pursuant to the Defense Base Act (DBA), and Longshoreman, you need serious representation to protect your interests and rights under the Longshore Act and Defense Base Act; even if you are currently receiving benefits. Defense Contractors need to make sure to hire a Defense Base Act attorney.

The hiring of an attorney is an important and necessary decision. We will answer any questions regarding Defense Base Act Injuries.

Defense Base Act Injury Help?

Defense Base Act Injury, Defense and Military Contractors and DBA Injury

  • DBA Injury?  Do not wait too long
  • Do not assume a Claim has been filed by the Insurance Company or your Employer
  • Be sure to request medical treatment from your choice of physician
  • Be sure to report all accidents and all physical problems
  • Be sure to report any related emotional or PTSD symptoms
  • DBA Injury Information from the United States Department of Labor

DBA Injury Nationwide

We can help Defense and Military Contractors
throughout the United States and overseas for any DBA Injury

DBA attorneys, relentlessly working to ease your stress and concerns. We are more than just your attorney. We are your counselor and friend.

Get up to date DBA injury information.

Silverstein and Silverstein

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Silverstein & Silverstein LLC – Defense Base Act Injury Attorney– DBA Injury Attorney

25 SE 2nd Ave, Eighth Floor
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Phone: 305-373-9091

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